Daria Markova

IMG_7703.JPG She was born in Kazan, later moved to St. Petersburg region. Graduated from Art college named after V. Serov in St. Petersburg.

Daria's pictures like the art of every author reflect the soul of an artist. First of all, this is the reality where happiness and joy prevail. The aim of painting pictures — the manifestation of light into the world of a person: « The path to oneself is the most exciting journey, finding oneself is great happiness...».

Daria's works are canvas and oils and replicas and posters are printed from them. But personal pictures bring out the best of an indidvidual.

Art not only helps discover and reveal one's potential but also transform the world around. People living in harmony with themselves achieve their goals easier .

Daria's works are owned by private collections in Russia, the USA, Argentina, Israel, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany. They were widely exhibited in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod.